End-to-end view of manufacturing
and distribution network
F3 Pulp & Paper provides an end-to-end view of a client’s manufacturing and distribution network, from fiber and energy inputs to delivered product. It utilizes a detailed engineering view of machinery and production systems and tracks and optimizes the flows of all materials. Included are:

•  Multiple mills, sales regions, business units, and brands

•  Procurement activities
– Primary materials: Roundwood, Chips, Recycled Fiber, Pulp
– Secondary materials: Fuel, Energy, Chemicals, Finishing
– Other inputs: Broke, Parent Rolls, Finished Products

•  Sales activities
– Products: Tissue, Towel, Napkin, Fine Paper, Board, Kraft,
Pulp, Newsprint, Coated, Printed, Converted
Product, etc.
– By-products: Biomass, Liquor, Steam, Electricity, Broke,
Chemicals, etc.

•  Mill machines
– Woodyards, Boilers, Turbines, Pulp Lines, Bleach Plants, Lime
Kilns, Paper Machines, Converting Lines

•  Material transportation
– Mill-to-mill: Pulp, Parent Rolls, Broke, Finished Product
– Mill-to-market: Distribution centers, Customers, Regions