F3 Pulp & Paper is built to work with
off-the-shelf industry-standard technology
F3 Pulp & Paper is built around off-the-shelf software and operates on a free-standing PC

  Standard desktop databases (Microsoft Access,
SQL Server Express, or IBM DB2 Express-C)
- Highly structured data entry
- Streamlined scenario development
- Integrated output management and report generation
- Accessible to productivity software for reporting

  Industry-standard optimization engine
- Robust solver for enterprise-scale problems
- Fast solves - many scenarios per day

  Custom user interface
- Convenient interface for scenario management
- Manipulate and compare runs

Product design minimizes data requirements

  Limited primary data required for implementation
- Engineering specifications of mill machinery (speed, trim, MW,
kpph, temperature, pressure, etc.)
- Product specifications (sheet length, sheet width, basis weight,
ply, etc.)
- Ranges of permissible input mix for products (fibers, fuels)

  No real-time data input from mills or online systems
  Infrequent alterations to primary data
  Minimal changes required to specify new scenarios