Successful implementation of F3 Pulp & Paper
requires sponsorship at the senior executive level
Implementation requires a handful of analysts working part-time for two to six months gathering data and calibrating the model.

On an on-going basis two or more analysts can maintain data, develop scenarios, and interpret results.

At any stage, help is available from F3 Analytics staff or our partners to:
  Compensate for staff shortage or overload
  Accelerate progress
  Provide additional insights

Implementation Process

1) Assemble team

2) Install software

3) Collect data
- Engineering
- Marketing
- Operations
- Logistics
- Finance

4) Refine Data
- Aggregate products, sales regions, etc.
- Vet engineering specs, production statistics, etc.

5) Calibrate model mill-by-mill by comparing model activity to:
- Annual plan
- Actual historical results

6) Subject system balance, throughputs, material movements , etc.
to expert validation

7) Develop scenarios

8) Run and analyze scenario outcomes

9) Generate reports & summaries