F3 Pulp & Paper Software
F3 Pulp & Paper is a software platform that provides an end-to-end view of a manufacturing and distribution network. It provides an objective framework for understanding the impacts of initiatives and helps executives evaluate scenarios in the context of:
   Merging with another firm

   Acquiring or closing a mill

   Locating a paper machine or building a boiler

   Changing product specifications (pulp blend,
basis weight, sheet count)

   Setting mill-specific goals based on optimal
firm-wide balance
F3 Pulp & Paper maximizes reliability, maintainability, and ease of use through proven technology.

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Better Economics
   Reduces cost, increases revenues, improves capital spending
   Reinforces the disciplined use of marginal economic analysis in
business decision-making to maximize cash contribution
   Replaces ad hoc metrics such as profitability, tons/day, average
cost/ton, average delivered cost, average revenue/case, etc.

Leadership Development
   Provides management prospects with a broad and deep understanding
of the manufacturing and distribution system
Consistent Approach
   Provides an objective platform for choosing between competing
business units, mills, brands, interests, projects, and priorities
   Creates a consistent analytical framework, reducing the time and cost
of fact-based decision-making

Comprehensive View
   Integrates engineering, marketing, operations, logistics, and financial
   Quantifies the whole-system impacts of change
   Provides a framework for anticipating ripple effects of major decisions
Basic implementation assistance and technical support are included in the purchase and maintenance cost of F3 Pulp & Paper.
F3 Analytics staff or our partners are available to provide additional services to clients who need help with time-sensitive or high-priority issues.

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